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Contemporary Portraits

for women, men and children

Our specialty as photographer based in Luxembourg are Contemporary Portraits for women mainly, but furthermore we also love to photograph men and children. Join us for an exciting portrait session with our "Full Glamour Experience" for which we will be joined by a professional hair- and makeup artist. Choose from our amazing wardrobe dresses and feel like a princess or queen for a day.

Aza & Ben

Stories with Love

for families and couples

Emotions. Feelings. Connection. - That's our "motto" for our portrait sessions but even stronger for our Stories with Love for families and couples. Book us as your photographer in Luxembourg for your own Love Story with your loved one(s) and we promise that you will have a wonderful time with a lot of fun and emotions.

Wedding & Engagement

for your special day

We started in 2023 to propose our services as Wedding photographer and for Engagement sessions. Our photographers will capture your most special moments in life and will work with you to create stunning images that you will cherish for a lifetime. We offer a range of packages to suit your needs, so you can treasure these memories forever.

Florence & Tim wedding (7).jpg

Intimate Portraits

It's only about YOU

Our Intimate Portraits are photography sessions where you wear sexy outfits, lingerie, dresses and get your photographs taken for a number of reasons but guess what ... only YOU need to know the reason you have them done!

We will create a safe and comfortable environment in our studio where you will feel yourself 100% at ease.

Creative / Conceptual / Fine Art

Let's get creative ...

If you would like to get more creative with your pictures. Let's discuss your ideas and together we will create your own piece of art. A special setup, specific accessories, dresses and/or makeup? Our photographer Alena loves to create pictures with a special note. 

Fanny inspired by the song Wild Rose
Maternity photo shoot with Natascha

Maternity / Mother & child

Capture the magic of your pregnancy

We would love to photograph you during the magical time of your pregnancy. You can choose between a number of amazing maternity dresses from our studio wardrobe for your maternity session. 

And be back for a Mother & child session to show the strong bond between you as mother and your child. Even if your child is already grown or even an adult daughter we propose you a Mother & Daughter portrait session for photographs that you would love to put framed on the wall of your home

Personal Branding

Your photographer in Luxembourg for Personal Branding

Professional photos are needed for your website, Linkedin, social media and much more. Let's discuss your project and have your Personal Branding session scheduled.

Dr. Sophie Life coach

Our services

(Pre-) Consultation

During our (Pre-)consultation either by phone or at your request by videocall (Zoom) we will discuss with you which type of session your are interested in and you will be able to ask all the questions you might have. 

Around 10 to 7 days before your portrait session we will have another consultation to prepare with your photographer your portrait session (e.g. which outfits to bring etc.)   

Professional hair and makeup

You will already feel like a Hollywood star when being prepared by our professional hair and makeup artist for your portrait session. Professional hair and makeup is included in our Full Glamour Experience which we always recommend for the best results.

Studio wardrobe

Our studio wardrobe is included in our Full Glamour Experience for studio portrait sessions only. It includes a range of gorgeous elegant and glamourous evening dresses, tulle dresses, accessories and much more in various sizes. Our wardrobe is not available for outdoor portrait sessions.

Fully guided portrait session

Our experienced photographer will guide you entirely through your portrait session. You are in the best hands and we will make you feel comfortable and let you completely enjoy the experience. 

Professional Retouching

Each image that we will show you has been retouched in our own style. We will never give or show unedited photos.

Choice of images

You can discover a selection of the best of your photos fully edited in our online gallery around 3-4 weeks after the portrait session and choose the photos you love the most.

For Weddings, Engagement sessions and Love stories our photographer will make the choice of the photos (no online gallery to choose from). 

Professional dancer Alisha

Dance styled Portraits

for professional dancers and ambitious amateur dancers

Are you in love with dancing? Or need professional dance photos? Choose Massen Photography as your photographer for Dance styled Portraits and bring your art to our photo studio.

Beautiful black & white portrait of Denise with her daughter Melina

Contact us today for your own 
Mother & Daughter portrait session

Laura Fernandez Sabater

“It has been a magnificent experience! Very professional! I have felt very comfortable and the result is incredible. I definitely recommend it.
Alena and Patrick thank you for the good service and I'm sure we'll see you soon."
Photographer Alena Massen

Meet our photographer Alena

Welcome to our world where artistry meets the captivating beauty of women. With a background in philosophy and culture  and a passion for painting women portraits, I have honed my skills as photographer in capturing the essence and allure of the female form.


Driven by a deep appreciation for the inherent beauty and grace of women, I approach each portrait session with a unique artistic vision. Having completed my studies at the prestigious New York Institute of Photography and further expanded my knowledge through various master classes, I bring a refined blend of technical expertise and creative flair to every photoshoot.


My journey began with a love for painting, which instilled in me a profound admiration for the beauty of the female body. As a result, my portraits showcase a harmonious blend of artistry, elegance, and a celebration of feminine allure. With a keen eye for composition, lighting, and attention to detail, I strive to create stunning portraits that evoke emotions and reveal the inner strength and confidence of every woman.


Beyond technical mastery, I believe that a successful portrait session is built on trust, collaboration, and creating a comfortable space for self-expression. I understand the importance of establishing a connection with my clients, allowing their true personalities to shine through. By understanding their unique stories, desires, and vision, I ensure a personalized experience that captures their essence and creates images that reflect their individuality.


I am deeply committed to the art of portraiture, continuously seeking inspiration and growth through my studies and master classes. Drawing upon my background in philosophy, I bring a contemplative and introspective approach to my work, aiming to capture the deeper essence and inner world of each subject.


Thank you for considering me as your portrait photographer. I am honored to have the opportunity to create timeless portraits that not only celebrate the beauty of women but also reveal the depths of their inner strength and individuality. Please feel free to reach out to me to discuss your vision, and together, let's embark on a creative journey that will result in captivating and empowering portraits.

Alena Massen

Before / After - Transformation


Soon to come...
Video Portraits

Why choose us as your photographer?

Here are a few reasons why you might choose to have a portrait session with us:



Massen Photography is a collaborative team where Alena and Patrick Massen work seamlessly together on set. With our combined skills and expertise as photographers we create a dynamic duo that ensures that every aspect of your photo session is carefully coordinated and executed. By your request, we are happy to add the services of professional makeup artists and/or hairstylists to our team on set for the best results.

Capturing Beauty and Individuality

By choosing us as your photographer you can expect to get your true essence and personality reflected in the photographs, resulting in stunning and personalized portraits.

Artistic Vision and Expertise

With our educational background and our extensive training in photography, we bring a distinct artistic vision and a refined skill set to your portrait session. You can trust us that we will create visually captivating images that go beyond a simple snapshot.

Celebrating Women's Beauty

Our focus on women's portraits demonstrates a genuine appreciation for the beauty and grace of the female form. Creating portraits with us is about celebrating and embracing your own femininity and inner strength through your pictures. 

Professional Training and Experience

Having completed studies at the New York Institute of Photography and participated in various master classes, we have acquired valuable knowledge and expertise in the field of photography. You can have confidence in our professional training and our ability to deliver high-quality results as your photographer.

Personalized Experience

We prioritize building a connection with you and creating a comfortable environment during the photo session. By understanding your story, desires, and vision, we ensure a personalized experience including complete guidance with posing that allows you to feel at ease and express yourself authentically in front of the camera.

Timeless Keepsakes

You can expect to receive timeless keepsakes that will be cherished for years to come. Our ability to capture the depth and inner world of each client ensures that the photographs will evoke emotions and serve as lasting memories.

Beauty shot of amazing Maria
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