Why choose us as your photographer?

Massen Photography

​Here are a few reasons why you might choose to have a portrait session with us:


Massen Photography is a collaborative team where Alena and Patrick Massen work seamlessly together on set. With our combined skills and expertise as photographers we create a dynamic duo that ensures that every aspect of your photo session is carefully coordinated and executed. By your request, we are happy to add the services of professional makeup artists and/or hairstylists to our team on set for the best results.

​Capturing Beauty and Individuality

By choosing us as your photographer you can expect to get your true essence and personality reflected in the photographs, resulting in stunning and personalized portraits.

​Artistic Vision and Expertise

With our educational background and our extensive training in photography, we bring a distinct artistic vision and a refined skill set to your portrait session. You can trust us that we will create visually captivating images that go beyond a simple snapshot.

​Celebrating Women's Beauty

Our focus on women's portraits demonstrates a genuine appreciation for the beauty and grace of the female form. Creating portraits with us is about celebrating and embracing your own femininity and inner strength through your pictures. 

​Professional Training and Experience

Having completed studies at the New York Institute of Photography and participated in various master classes, we have acquired valuable knowledge and expertise in the field of photography. You can have confidence in our professional training and our ability to deliver high-quality results as your photographer.

​Personalized Experience

We prioritize building a connection with you and creating a comfortable environment during the photo session. By understanding your story, desires, and vision, we ensure a personalized experience including complete guidance with posing that allows you to feel at ease and express yourself authentically in front of the camera.

​Timeless Keepsakes

You can expect to receive timeless keepsakes that will be cherished for years to come. Our ability to capture the depth and inner world of each client ensures that the photographs will evoke emotions and serve as lasting memories.

Massen Photography
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