Creative / Conceptual / Fine Art Portraits

At Massen Photography, we are all about turning your ideas into one-of-a-kind Creative, Conceptual, and Fine Art Portraits.

We will develop a specific concept based on your idea. Location, wardrobe, makeup, hairstyling, accessories - we will take complete care of them and plan a photoshoot exactly as you have dreamed of. Together we will go one step further and create pictures that will "wow" even more your families & friends.

Choosing the right backdrop is a crucial step. We need a place that matches your vision and enhances the photos. This could be somewhere outdoors in nature, or indoors, in our studio. Either way, we will ensure the location enhances the emotion and story in each photograph.
The right outfit matters as much as the location. Be it a stunning dress, a casual outfit, a costume or a uniform - we will research for the perfect outfit and have it ready for the day of your photoshoot. We will choose clothes that not only bring out your personality but also fit the theme perfectly.
Our creative/conceptual/Fine Art portraits are not just about the clothes and location - they are also about how you look. Our professional makeup artist and hairstylist will work with you to create a look that completes the theme and also makes you feel comfortable and confident. From natural makeup to dramatic styles, up to really creative makeup specific for your chosen theme it will be all covered.

And then, it's time to shoot. We ensure to maintain a relaxed, friendly atmosphere to capture you at your best. The result? Photos that will wow your family and friends that much more!

Due to the nature of our “Creative / Conceptual / Fine Art - Portraits” prices depend on the concept and we will make you a price offer after analyzing in detail your request.
Interested? We'd love to hear from you! Get in touch with us for more information, and let's start creating your dream portrait!
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